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UNH Pioneers “Trash 2 Treasure” Initiative

Author The Friendly Toast Category

A huge shoutout to all the students at UNH who participate in the “Trash 2 Treasure” initiative. “Trash 2 Treasure” is a student-led effort founded by UNH alum Alex Freid. This program aims to reduce waste on college campuses around the United States, by collecting usable items donated by outgoing students, storing the items, and then reselling them in the fall to incoming students. Freid explains that, “on a fundamental level, waste is just resources in the wrong place.” To date the initiative has saved UNH more than $12,000 in disposable costs and garnered $70,000 in revenue. Currently there are forty college campuses who have adopted this recycling campaign, but Freid hopes to see that number increase to 500 colleges by 2020.

The Friendly Toast would like to thank Alex and all those who are helping make this initiative a success. A healthy environment promises a successful future!