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Toast Time: Cambridge Nights

Author The Friendly Toast Category

ToastTimeCambridgewithbleedHello there,

We know you like hanging out with friends just as much as our friends in Portsmouth. “Friendly Toast,” you say, “don’t we get our own Toast Time?”

Yes, friends. You do. But the Cambridge plays by its own set of rules.

When is your Toast Time?

5:00-7:00pm Sunday through Thursday and 8:00-10:00pm Friday and Saturday.

What you get: Half off appetizers, because Cambridge life makes you hungry and we want to take some of that edge off. We’ll also give you $2 PBR and Miller High Life just like we do all day in Cambridge, but this time you get to enjoy it with those half off apps and they’ll taste that much sweeter.

We may not be able to do a happy hour, legally speaking, but if you come in during Toast Time, those hours sure will be happy. But don’t call it a happy hour. It’s Toast Time.