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The Future Of Juice

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imgresAt the Friendly Toast we pride ourselves in using fresh ingredients to create our innovative dishes. It was the end of a long day, we were sitting at the bar having a cocktail, and we thought to ourselves, “why should our drinks be any different?” So, we decided to partner with RIPE Fresh Press Juices to provide our customers drinks that don’t come with added preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.

RIPE Fresh Press Juices was established in the Fall of 2008, and ever since its creation they’ve continued to set the bar (no pun intended) high with their line of pure-squeezed, handcrafted bar juices. They are committed to fresh, natural ingredients, and pure processing. The company takes great pride in designing their bar juices to be as simple as possible, to let the natural flavors of the ingredients do what they do. RIPE Fresh Press Juices are never heated, never frozen and unpasteurized. There is a lot that goes into creating these juices but it is all worth it!

Our partnership with RIPE Fresh Press Juices allows us to provide our customers with guilt free, nutritious, adult beverages. Monday July 27, 2015 we will be rolling out our incredible new drink menu, so stop by after work, or before work (we wont say anything), and order a cocktail off our new menu! Being bad has never felt so good.