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Recipe Corner: Our Spinach Dip

Author The Friendly Toast Category

Oh hey what’s up guys? That’s good, that’s good. What are we up to?  Oh not much, except we were just awarded “BEST BREAKFAST IN NEW HAMPSHIRE” BY NEW HAMPSHIRE MAGAZINE FOR 2014!!!  NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING!

No but seriously, we couldn’t have done it without you, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We could kiss you, but this is the internet and that isn’t possible yet, so we’re going to thank you with a recipe.

This is a big deal for us. We keep our recipes in a big vault under our Cambridge location. There are laser mazes and guard dogs involved. We can’t get too specific. Security, you understand.

The only other time we’ve given out a recipe was when ABC asked, and that’s because they promised to make us famous. We were young and naïve and they promised it would open doors for us. Live and learn, you know.

We’re going to give you our recipe under one condition: you photograph it if you make it and post it on our wall!  Deal?  Deal.

Disclaimer: We only know how to make a lot at a time, being a restaurant and all. Go big or go home. GO BIG OR GO HOME! GO. BIG. OR. GO. HOME. Have some friends over or something.

The Friendly Toast Spinach Dip


2 red onions

6 plum tomatoes

1.5 cups jalapenos

2 cups black olives

2 bags fresh spinach

1 grocery store thing of  shredded cheddar cheese

1/4 block cream cheese


  1. Peel the onion.
  2. De-seed the jalapenos if you don’t like it spicy, don’t if you do.
  3. Put all ingredients into a food processor and serve with chips/pita/spoons!