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It’s been a big transition year at The Friendly Toast, we just recently renovated our Portsmouth location. Transition is hard you guys, so thanks for sticking with us and trying new things. We’ve got more new things coming. Good things. Things you will like. In the meantime, we have some exciting news to share with you:

We’re (Still) The Best Breakfast in NH (According to NH Magazine)

Best-of-Logo-2014The great folks over at NH Magazine have conducted their yearly poll, and the results are in. The great people of the State of New Hampshire have spoken! We’d like to thank our cooks, our managers, our waitstaff, and all of you that voted for us for Best Breakfast. We literally could not have done it without you, and we wouldn’t want to.

So thanks, you guys! It’s not our first time winning this award, and with fans like you, it won’t be our last.

Actually, come to think of it, The Best of NH issue is having a vote for its cover when this finally goes to print. Our friends over at Vital Design, who designed our website, designed a candidate. You should go show them your support!


TripAdvisor Gave Us Not One, But Two Certificates of Excellence

tripadvisorTripAdvisor, a popular review site for travelers that comes up if you Google “Friendly Toast Review”, has awarded The Toast with a certificate of excellence for both of our locations, which we’re super pumped about.

To be awarded a certificate of excellence, a restaurant has to maintain an average rating of four or higher out of a possible five, and have been reviewed a certain number of times over the past year. Thanks for helping us with both those things, fans. We got one for each location. We love all of our children equally.

Dig Boston Says We Have The Best Breakfast + Brunch

dig bostonThey love the blurred lines between breakfast and brunch we offer here at the Toast. With brunch being such a big, serious thing now, we know the competition was heavy. Cambridge is most definitely a breakfast-all-day kind of town, and we’re happy to provide that service. Thanks DigBoston.





Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. You are all great.