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Orion the Great

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Toast fans meet our extraordinary baker Orion. In case you weren’t aware, Orion bakes all of our breads from scratch. He handles each loaf with love and care so that our customers can have the most delicious meal possible.


Orion was born in NH, and currently lives in the beautiful Cambridge, Massachusetts. His mother has been an Episcopal priest for most of his life, so growing up his family followed the church. The first time Orion ate at the Friendly Toast he was thirteen years old living in New Hampshire, and it was that moment that Orion believes his life truly began.


Orion is now a self-taught baker at the age of 26. He first learned to bake at the Friendly Toast, and found that he really loved the process. The mathematical, precise, nature of the work intrigued him, and the immediate feedback provided by the product motivated him. He truly enjoys the cyclical, hands on, nature of bread. He explains the process as having a life cycle that begins fresh everyday. “It allows me to feel alive with my hands.” Currently he’s doing a lot of studying, critical thought, and hand-on experimentation in the bakery to perfect his recipes.


When we asked Orion what was his favorite thing to bake he explained that he really likes to make things that are simple, but require a lot of care. He did, however, admit to making a lot of pizza.


The Friendly Toast provides Orion a fun environment in which he can learn, experiment and most importantly do what he loves. A few fun facts about Orion, one of his favorite bands is Old Crow Medicine Show, his two favorite movies are Rounders and The Big Lebowski, with Monty Python and the Holy Grail following close behind, and unsurprisingly his favorite food is bread.


We are extremely lucky to have Orion as a part of the team! Next time you’re eating one our homemade baked goods, at either of our locations, make sure you think of Orion the Great.