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Meet our Back Bay Chef Jarred Bailey

Author The Friendly Toast Category

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.48.20 PMMeet the infamous Jarred Bailey (see picture to the left), who will be serving up our delicious dishes in Back Bay! Jarred is 35 years old (we know he looks more like he’s 20… life just isn’t fair), born and raised in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. He has a wife and 2 kids (who we like to call our tiny toasters)! Growing up Jarred realized that he loved making things, utilizing his creative side, but his true passion was food, especially eating it. So naturally he ended up going to culinary school to pursue his dream of becoming a personal chef for the President of the United States (we may have made that up…).

He graduated from culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Providence Rhode Island, and immediately started exploring the restaurant scene. He was all over the place for a few years starting at Polcari’s as an Assistant Kitchen Manager, then moving to Not Your Average Joe’s as a Sous Chef, soon after jumping over to the Cheesecake Factory for 6 years to run the line, until he finally settled in at ARAMARK, UMass Lowell’s South Campus Dining Facility. Yes, you can take a deep breathe after that long sentence. Until he eventually found his way into our loving arms where we will keep him hostage forever, muahhaha (but seriously Jarred, you’re not going anywhere).

Jarred agreed to expose some extremely personal things about himself that not many people know, so that our guests can develop an idea of who is cooking their food.


What is your favorite food to eat? It depends on my mood, but I can never turn down a fluffernutter.

What gives you the inspiration for the weekly specials? I love trying new foods and combining ingredients you wouldn’t normally think of. Often times the idea comes to me when I’m at another restaurant, and I can see what other people are doing and compare it to what I know.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things what would they be? A knife, if we’re being practical, a fishing pole because I enjoy fishing during my free time and I’d have a lot of it, and something to listen to music on.

If you could be a personal chef for a celebrity who would it be? Either Ozzy Osbourne or Metallica.

What’s your favorite dish on the Toast’s menu? Right now it’s the Guy Scramble, sooooo tasty!


If those questions weren’t personal enough for you come on in and ask him whatever you’d like! But on a serious note we’re so incredibly thankful that he’s a part of our Back Bay opening team, and can’t wait to see what new dishes he creates! Be sure to stop in and check us out OPENING JANUARY 14TH AT 7AM, ON 35 STANHOPE ST, BACK BAY MA!