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Local Heroes: Two Companies We Love

Author The Friendly Toast Category

Here at the Toast, we’re committed to being green and local. We wanted to take some time to highlight two local companies that help us with these initiatives:  Heiwa Tofu, and Mr. Fox Composting. We love these local fixtures, and you should too. They are doing incredible work.

Heiwa Tofu

TofuHeiwa makes all of our tofu using Maine grown, MOFGA certified organic soybeans. Their soybeans are sourced from just three different farms and processed by hand, using traditional methods, into fresh tofu.

Also Jeff, the guy who makes it, studied astrophysics at Penn State. Making tofu isn’t necessarily rocket science, but judging by the taste it sure does help having a rocket scientist on board. You can get a taste of Heiwa as a sub for egg in many of our dishes, in Kate’s tofu scramble, or in Vegan Valhalla.

Check their website and find a retailer near you who stocks Heiwa and get a taste of this at home. Or, you know, come in here.


Mr. Fox Composting

Mr. FoxMr Fox composting was built from the ground up on the NH Seacoast with a simple set of ideas:

  1. Food waste shouldn’t be put in plastic bags and thrown in landfills
  2. The future of the planet is dependent on the majority of us changing small habits
  3. Composting our food is a small habit that can change the world

We were floored when Mr. Fox brought us our bins and we realized just how much food waste had been going into a landfill that is now being used to make nutritious soil for farms and homes and schools. Since opening in 2009, Mr. Fox has worked with private residences and commercial outfits like ours to divert more than three million pounds of food waste from landfills to soil. Three million you guys.

They do residential pickup for as little as $12 a month, and that gets you some complementary soil every spring. Do it.


Absolutely patronize these local heroes if you can. We’ll certainly keep using them.