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Lobster and Sangrias at the Toast

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We wanted add something super New Englandy to our specials and thought “What’s more New Englandy than a lobster roll?”  So we rolled it out (no pun intended) and it was a smash hit.  So much so, we thought we’d keep it on our special board for the rest of the summer.

Simultaneously we created a white and a red sangria.  Customers could not get enough.  We think we’re on to something extraordinary here.

So please let us introduce you to our Lobster Roll and Sangrias:

Lobster Roll

Lobster RollOur lobsters are caught in the northern Atlantic off the coast of Northern New England and Southern Canada.  George’s Bank* to be exact.

In each roll, you’ll enjoy big chunks of claw and knuckle lightly dressed with mayo and celery on a bed of green leaf lettuce and served in a buttery grilled brioche roll.  Served with golden french fries and a crisp, juicy pickle.







Our sangrias are offered with either red or white wine.  Each one is refreshingly delicious and we’ve worked hard to capture the essence of a blissfully lazy summer afternoon.  Each sip is guaranteed.**

Red Sangria – A Glass of Claret Sangria Merlot with punches of strawberry, black cherry & orange.  Served in a pint glass, over ice & fresh fruit. Garnished with a thick slice of oranges $8

Zurra “White” Sangria – A Glass of Sauvignon Blanc with hints of green apples, passion fruit and white peaches. Served in a pint glass, over ice & fresh fruit. Garnished with a thick slice of oranges $8





*Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride is named George Banks.

**Guarantee varies per person.  We can’t guarantee our guarantee but we guarantee that it is a sip of sangria and it is good.