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The Laughing Toast: Funny Venues Around Cambridge

Author The Friendly Toast Category

comedyWe always say Spring is the funniest season. Don’t try to verify that, it’s a lie. We have said that maybe twice including this time, but we do have a lot of funny things going on near our Cambridge location that you should check out.


Knock Knock. Who’s There? IMPROVBOSTON

This school and performance venue knocks out improv, sketch, and standup comedy five nights a week. You’ll get old improve classics like the Harold, but also new and experimental improv. Take Magic The Gathering: The (Improv) Show for example: Two wizards duke it out in the tradition of the card game, while other performers play their minions. This isn’t Who’s Line Is It Anyway.

Oh right, there are classes too, for those of you that want to weaponize your funny bone. Improv Boston offers classes in stand-up, sketch, and improv from beginners to advanced performers.

Everything here is affordable: only $10-12 for most shows and $18 for their Main Stage series.

We Saw Your Mother at THE COMEDY STUDIO

She had a good time and she is a very dignified lady. You can find this club on the third floor of the Hong Kong Restaurant, where they serve up comedy six nights a week. This club usually rotates through performers pretty quickly – 5-10 minutes apiece.

Seriously, go to this place. We would never send you to another restaurant except for something like this (as long as you promise to come back).

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? TO GET TO THE OBERON

Maybe this one isn’t funny like “ha ha” but funny like weird funny. Like esoteric funny. The OBERON specializes in the avant-garde, gritty, dirty kind of shows. Want to catch some of that nouvelle Vaudeville stuff? OBERON. Strange disco party? OBERON. A show where comedians interview experts in their field and try to guess exactly what they’re experts on? OBERON, but were you really looking for that?

The whole spring season looks to be pretty cool. You should go to that last one, it’s hilarious.