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An Interview With The Friendly Toast’s Cheesy Fries

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Lets get this out of the way: Cheesy Fries is a hostile interviewee. A lot of what she said I can’t repeat here. I can sense her agitation as she comes over to my table.

“I never wanted to be the star of the appetizer list or whatever,” she says before I start asking anything. “When you put all that provolone and bleu out into the world, people make assumptions about your ambitions, but I was really just trying to be the best plate of fries I could be, you know?”

Is it something you’re sensitive about?

“Well it’s just that there are all these other apps out there getting in my lane because of my success, you know. I never wanted to be a role model. I’m not a role model. I’m a plate of French fries with some awesome cheese and some sweet dipping sauce. I’m just one of like six apps here and they all have their own thing too and they’re great in their own ways. Just ‘cause I made it doesn’t mean you’re going to get the same thing when you try fries in truffle oil with sriracha brie dipping sauce you’re going to get a hit.”

Why your dipping sauce? The Strawberry Habanero dip. People might say that’s a bit ambitious and unconventional. How did you get that idea?

“I don’t know man, where does any idea come from? That whole sweet/savory thing was around way before I started rolling on that sauce. It just seemed a little, you know, crass to dip provolone and bleu cheese in ketchup. We knew we had to do something different, so we experimented and worked hard and that’s the best idea that came out of it.”

What’s next for you?

“I’m just going to keep on like this for a while. We’ve got a good thing going here, and with Toast Time* and all that cutesy Facebook and blog stuff and everything it’s only going to get better. I think I’m good just continuing to be me. It’s worked so far.”


*Toast Time is new and running in both locations.  We didn’t have the heart to ask Cheesy Fries how she feels to be discounted to 50% off during Toast Time.  There are some questions one just shouldn’t ask.


Toast Time