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Friends with Benefits

Author The Friendly Toast Category

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.54.08 AMFriends with Benefits can sometimes lead to a sticky situation, but not with us (unless you add maple syrup)! We’re here to inform you that our Friends with Benefits program will be the most relaxed and rewarding relationship you’ve ever been in ‘wink wink’. Not only will you receive $20 for every $200 you spend, butttt you will also receive a $15 discount on your birthday!


We don’t mean to sound needy but we do ask that you visit us once in a while to earn those points! We value each and every one of our relationships and hope you do to. If you’re not currently involved with us and are looking to join the club, ask your server next time you come in, she’ll collect your information, and we will be in touch.


Honestly, are there any downsides to this hookup? You get to enjoy all the delicious dishes you want, no judgment, and at the end of the day we still have each other! Do us a favor and at least give it a try, we promise you won’t be disappointed!