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Friendly Toaster Maintenance

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This is just reminder our Portsmouth location will be closed today 05/06/2013 and will open again on Friday at 7am due to renovations.

Wait, don’t be scared!  We aren’t changing the kitsch that you love.  We would never change the feel that compelled us to buy The Toast in the first place.  What we are doing is making some improvements in areas that need, well, improving.

Here is what you can expect:

Today (Tuesday) we will paint the restaurant a vibrant green that so pleasingly matches a lot of our tchotchkes.  This beautiful green is a constant thread that weaves its way around our signs, knick-knacks, and thingie-mabobs.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the very faded, cracked floor will be ripped up and replaced with a new one.  It’ll still be as cool as the one before.  It’s staff approved.

Thursday we put the place back together again, including all that stuff you love back onto the walls, but with new booths!  Some of our booths just weren’t structurally sound anymore.  We don’t know what you do when you eat, but it’s taken a toll on them and we searched high and lo for a sound replacement and are very happy with what we found.

In the very near future, you can expect a new awning so when you are waiting outside to be seated, you can have some shade from the sun or the rain.

And wait for it, wait for it, WAIT FOR IT…

We are patiently awaiting approval from the  city to approve a 12-14 seat bar.  Now you can have the KING CAKES with beer at a bar like a true king deserves.

For a wicked awesome write up about our changes, please visit Seacoast Online for their detailed experience yesterday when the renovations began.  Thanks Elizabeth and Rich for coming out to cover it!