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Friendly Fundraisers: A Delicious Way To Lend a Hand

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Everyone Eats, Everyone Wins

The Friendly Toast is super pleased to present Friendly Fundraisers, a new way for local non-profits and charitable causes to raise money and visibility all at the same time. All people have to do to help is eat.

Here’s how it works: You provide us with a couple of Monday dates that work for you, we confirm the date and that night The Friendly Toast will donate 20% of proceeds between 4pm and 8pm to a non-profit or charitable cause. Representatives of the cause can come set up shop in our locations on that evening to educate, raffle, or host their friends, or get up to whatever they want to get up to. Our staff will work with them to help publicize the night to make sure it’s successful.

How can non-profits get a piece of this action? Well all they have to do is apply and pledge to do their part in promoting their night and bringing out their champions. You don’t have to be a 501c(3): you could be a sports team, a theater group, a benefit for a neighbor. As long as we think it’s a good cause, you’ve got a shot. You can download our application below.