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Faces at the Friendly Toast: Chadley Kolb – Singer, Songwriter, Band Leader, Staffer

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Photo by Douglas Levy

Photo by Douglas Levy

Recently we sat down with long-time Friendly Toast staffer and musician Chadley Kolb. Kolb plays guitar, sings, and pulls songwriting duty for Coyote Kolb, a four piece band fronted by Kolb with an outlaw country, folky, rock sound that’s caught the attention of national music media. Their sound is melancholy, ambitious, infectious Americana.

Their newest album, United State, was widely acclaimed and got the group plenty of well-deserved attention.


You’re the guitarist and songwriter for Coyote Kolb, tell us how you got started with that. When did you first start playing? 

I first started playing music and guitar at age 11. Played in many bands growing up. Moved to Boston to go to school for Audio Production. In 2008 I made a bunch of demos and found some great guys to play with, (including drummer Matt Maybruck, who also currently works at the Toast) and Coyote Kolb was born.

Coyote Kolb has a unique throwback outlaw country/rock kind of sound. Where did that come from? What made you want to play that kind of music? 


Well, you just try to find whatever feels right. Its a never ending process. In the band, everybody brings something different to the table, and you just mix it up and try to make something good out of it.  As Louis Armstrong once said,  ” If its good, you don’t worry what it is, you just go on and enjoy it.”

Where can everyone hear you?

Our music is available all over the internet. Coyotekolb.com is a good place to start. There you can find links to all of our social media, show schedule, photos, videos,  etc.

Our next live show in the Boston area will be St. Patricks Day weekend, Saturday March 15, at The Sinclair in Harvard SQ. Cambridge, MA. We’ll be playing w/ Irish rocker Paddy Saul, and The Curtis Mayflower.

When is the next CK album coming out?

We are getting ready to record a 5 song EP in the coming months. Hopefully it will be released sometime this year.

You’ve been at the Friendly Toast for a long time. Tell us about it.

As far as my experience at the Toast… I grew up in southern Maine, and was familiar with the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, so when I heard they were opening one in Cambridge, I was able to get my foot in the door and help open the place nearly five years ago now. There are a handful of us left from the original staff, and nearly everyone who works here ends up staying for years. I think that says a lot. Its a pretty special place, and its been a haven for artists of all kinds.