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Charles River Rugby Football Club

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In 1973 a group of men established the Charles River Rugby Football Club (affectionately dubbed “The Rats”), in Massachusetts. It wasn’t until 32 years later that a women’s team was created, making them the only rugby club in Boston with teams for both men and women. The program is truly dedicated to playing and advancing rugby in New England, by making the game accessible and welcoming to anyone interested in playing, regardless of their skill level.


Although they are competitive and work hard to develop their skills, they enjoy having fun together, whether it be watching rugby games, going to the gym, or even going on brewery tours. This year they’re kicking off their spring season the first weekend of April and their respective schedule will be posted soon! The club’s mission is to build a strong foundation with the guidance of past players, and the vision of a young and innovative executive board, so that the organization will continue to thrive throughout the years.


Next Thursday, February 18th, at our Cambridge location, we will be hosting a Friendly Fundraiser for “The Rats” between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. 20% of sales made during that specified time will be donated to this wonderful organization!


1 Kendall Square, b3101