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Best Restaurant in Kendall Sq & Best Breakfast/Brunch in Cambridge!

Author The Friendly Toast Category

So, we won “Best Restaurant” in Kendall Sq and “Best Breakfast/Brunch” in Cambridge by Scout Cambridge Magazine.  On September 18th, we will accept our award at a black-tie gala at the Somerville Theater.  We are thrilled and honored to be the recipient of this award and we want to make sure we nail our thank you speech just right.  Please allow us to practice it here and you can give us notes:

We want to thank the wonderful community of Cambridge for recognizing our beloved restaurant and all of the efforts we have put forth.  But we could not have dScreen shot 2014-08-12 at 10.57.13 AMone it without our awesome customers who frequent our establishment and help to spread the word so enthusiastically via online review sites.  Your smiling faces are the reason we do what we do.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Scout Magazines for putting all of this together and making us feel so very good.  We’re really happy to be able to dress up and spend the evening with like minded folk in the industry.  It’s a rare chance for us to be able to get out and have fun mingling.

And lastly, we would like to thank our staff who work tirelessly to make the Toast a place people treasure.  Our team has high expectations and continuously rises to meet them.  They have transitioned through a change of ownership beautifully and have supported our changes and decisions and that makes us feel damn good.  So this award is for them.  This award is for an A+ team who understands that hard work, attention to detail, and a good attitude is what propels a business forward.

Please keep your eyes open for Scout Magazine’s next issue in the fall that features all of the winners.  We’ll be sure to take pics of the gala and share.  Thanks again everyone!