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The Friendly Toast Beer Pairing

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There’s more to us than just being friendly and having toast, guys.  Like, a LOT more to us.  We have depth.  We have thoughts and feelings.  We are passionate about our food.  In fact, we are so passionate we have drafted up some beer pairings with some of our fine meals.  We just want you to come in and have the best dining experience and we’re on a quest to bring you that.  So consider these pairings during your next visit to the Friendly Toast.  If you try them, let us know.


Allagash with Choriza Burrito*

allagashWe paired this refreshing wheat beer spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel with our Choriza Burrito to complement the plum tomatoes and red onion marmalade.  Also, sipping this fruity beer after a bite of some Mexican sausage brings the raging party in your mouth to a nice even beat that you never want to stop.

*Mexican sausage, Cuban beans, jalapeno-jack, spicy mashed potatoes, plum tomatoes & Chambord/red onion marmalade



Sam Adams with Meg’s American Burrito*

samadamsWe paired this full-bodied brew with Meg’s American Burrito because Sam Adams helped lead the American Beer Revolution.  And this is called an American burrito.  Do we need to explain this any further?  Class dismissed.

*Scrambled eggs with homefries inside, American cheese, and bacon (with homefries).


PBR with the Redneck*

pbrWe paired this robust beer with a roast beef sandwich for two reasons:

1) the hefty infusion of 6-row barley in the PBR brings out the sweetness of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.

2) the unique combination of Pacific domestic hops blended with an imported Yugoslavian variety in the PBR complements the soft and delicious yeastiness of the Kaiser roll that adorns this delicious and satisfying sandwich.

*warmed but still pink roast beef on a Kaiser roll, with our Jack Daniels barbeque sauce or horseradish mayonnaise (or both)


Lagunitas with the Chicken Pot Pie*

lagunipa_largeWe paired this beer with a hoppy-sweet finish with the chicken pot pie that has a flakey homemade biscuit and a creamy white wine sauce because.  Yup.  Because.  That’s all you get.  Your teacher said no sentence can end with a preposition.  But we just did. And we feel Lagunitas would want us to.

*Chicken and roasted vegetables in creamy white wine sauce topped with our flakey homemade biscuit


Angry Orchard Cider with the Caribbean Waffle *

We p9132199.angryorchardcidercompanyaired this crisp and refreshing cider with a refreshing waffle topped with caramelized bananas.  The sweet apple notes partner perfectly with pecans.  We only wrote that because it’s good alliteration.  Good alliteration = good pairing.

*our homemade mix with pecans inside and caramelized bananas on top




Guinness with a side of sweet potato fries

guinnessThis stout was crafted to perfection for 200 years.  Our sweet potato fries were crafted to perfection for not 200 years but for a lot of years.  This is what Guinness says about their beer, “The unmistakable deep-dark color, the crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops, and the refreshing bite all make for the bittersweet reward. Pure beauty.” We say ditto to our Sweet Potato Fries (except for the parts that don’t apply).  Match made it heaven.