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Back Bay, Rockin Your Way Soon!

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11822703_872223052871084_7885637917532537598_nIT’S OFFICIAL, we are bringing our life size Barbies, and talking cow heads, to Back Bay Massachusetts! The kitchen on 35 Stanhope Street, will be cranking out the classics, the Babe Bennies, the Sklarmageddons, even the Kitchen Sink Quesadillas. In addition to our full menu, we will be serving our RIPE drinks, hot of the press from our new drink menu. And remember, now until we open we are looking for you to bring in Friendly Toast worthy decorations!

We want you to help us decorate our new home. At both of our current locations we will be accepting wall hangings, table lamps, hanging lamps, sugar holders, etc. But keep in mind that we aren’t just looking for any decorative pieces, we are looking for decorations that are consistent with the vintage, funky, eclectic, vibe that our brand represents. If you are unsure what we mean browse through our website to get some ideas! But wait, there’s more! If the manager agrees that what you’ve presented them is what we’re looking for we will take 50% off your entrée!

We have not yet announced the exact opening date, but stay tuned to our social media outlets, posted below, because we will be sure to announce it there!


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